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Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh so cute and oh so lovely ~ Bow Divas

At the Children's Miracle Network Fundraiser this year we met Tricia and her family from Bow Divas and what can I say she has definitely help my little bald baby turn into a little diva!

I can't take my little Madeline anywhere without a headband and a flower clip (from Annalie's Boutique) or her yellow and pink korker from Bow Divas. I haven't found better quality or better in cuteness korkers anywhere in my surrounding area. And they are wonderfully affordable too! We also purchased a pretty Easter one for Madeline to wear with her pillowcase dress made by my friend Michelle this year (next year she can wear it as a shirt).

We are also working with Bow Divas in using their korkers on our diaper wreaths ~ how cool is that?! Tricia and her partner and making korker and spike bows in matching ribbon to our diaper wreath designs to help create a truly one-of-a-kind gift!

They will be opening and eCrater store soon where you will be able to purchase their lovely hair pretties online as well. For the mean time they are using their Facebook Page to handle all incoming orders and questions can be e-mailed to them at:

With the birth of my new neice and my little Madeline still having no hair (other than we will be looking to Bow Divas for all our hair pretty needs! Especially if we start the beauty pageant business with Madeline as it looks like she will be my little miss. priss.

Thanks Tricia for such wonderful items!!!

Here is Madeline wearing her headband and korker from Bow Divas!

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