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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Milk Truck ~ A Must Read for Breastfeeding Mothers

I am very pro-breastfeeding, cloth-diapering, baby-wearing, go as green as possible, fresh vegetables kind of mother. If we had a washer and dryer at home, we'd be cloth diapering and reusable baby wipes like no tomorrow with 3 still in diapers.

But I did nurse my youngest two children until I absolutely was not able to ~ surgeries after my youngest was born and with my son, he was well under-developed because I wasn't eating enough and my milk just stopped because I lost a ton of weight really fast (about 50lbs in two months) and he was barely 11 lbs at 4 months old when he was born at 8lbs 7oz...anyway...

Came across this project in Pittsburgh today and just had to share it because while nursing my youngest daughter out in public we did run into issues where someone got upset over it (even though I was completely covered and so was she) and we ended up having to leave where we were because of it. The job I was working at the time was also very disconcerned over pumping issues (as far as location and time allowed) and I wish this was up and running so that it would have helped out a co-worker of mine who definitely had more issues with pumping while at work than I did.

Here is the link to The Milk Truck's project website and a little information, but basically when you are out in public and are requested to leave or go nurse in the bathroom because someone is upset over you breastfeeding your child in public, you can call The Milk Truck and they will come to where you are (assuming right now in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas right now) in their truck and allow you to nurse in their part about it is...look at the truck!

Now tell me that isn't going to cause a disturbance! I and IN LOVE with that truck ~ so much for the breastfeeding mother causing a scene, now you have this truck with a boob on top of it in front of your business...great! I hope that there become more of these trucks in every state!

The link a couple paragraphs above is where you can donate to help support the project ~ they need to raise $10,000 to get it started by July 27th, 2011. Even if you can only donate $20 that is that much closer to helping them reach their goal...send it to your family and friends who are nursing, nursed their children when they were little, or even one who wanted to but couldn't for one reason or another, everyone should see this!!!

Have a terrific night!

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