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Monday, June 20, 2011

ClearSight Ultrasound ~ Experience the Bond

When we first found out we were pregnant with our oldest daughter, I can remember constantly dreaming at night what she looked like and how pretty she would be and if she'd have any of my features or who she looked like the most.

I was working in Richmond, Va at the time at VCU Health Systems in the Central Telemetry Department and one of nurses' aides on the cardiac floor was expecting as well. She was several months ahead of me, but she had these sonogram pictures she was showing everyone and they were not only 3D, but in color - you could see every little detail of the little baby. I wanted to see my baby so bad and had to find out where she had it done. Well, her doctor's office did hers, but our office didn't offer that (at the time) and they only did 2 sonograms unless it was medically necessary for more. So off to the world-wide-web I went and stumbled across ClearSight Ultrasound. It was the closest place to us and the prices were extremely affordable and the facility looked great too.

Mother's day weekend we drove down to Midlothian, VA and met Patty and Tim Hughes the owners of ClearSight Ultrasound and they were not only welcoming, but very excited themselves to see our little girl. It was so relaxing and just simply amazing to see her little fingers, mouth, nose and even her smile. All the pictures were put on a CD for us to take home and a DVD was made too - we watched it again when we got home and I couldn't stop myself from crying - she was just too precious looking and I wanted to hold her so bad.

When we found out we were expecting again with our son and youngest daughter, appointments were immediately made (okay maybe a few months into the pregnancy, but still) so we could see our precious little ones before they were born. Once again we had an incredible time and just LOVE their new facility and they even cater to the older siblings so that mommy and daddy can enjoy the sonogram and seeing their baby. Now they offer photography too ~ which we will be having a session done the end of July. Cannot wait to see Patty and Tim again and have them photograph our children outside the womb this time!

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  1. Jessica, We so enjoyed being around Aubrey and David again and meeting Miss Madeline for the first time. Oh and seeing yourself and Brian too:)Taking their pictures was fun. We're still bubbling up from all the bubbles that were blown.
    I hope all is going well with you and yours with all after shocks that keeps hitting your area. Take care and we look forward to seeing you and yours again soon