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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Favorite Online Fabric Supplier ~

I had never been one to buy much online, after staying home with my children, I have realized the benefits to ordering online. No hasseling with the kids, the car, the diaper bag and so much more in the store, most of the time we can get Free shipping, so saves us the gas in the car to drive an hour to whatever store we need to go to, online deals can make the items even cheaper than in the store and some places even take my coupons too!

Well in my searching for a great online fabric retailer I found several, but the prices were so high it deterred me from buying, it was worth my gas to drive to JoAnn's and get the fabric for cheaper on our "errands" days.

Finally I cam across and well, I am in LOVE with them. They have relatively great prices on their fabrics and for orders over $35.00 you get FREE shipping (2 day UPS shipping). Not only that, but they offer coupon codes on their site AND a frequent buyer program (every $2.00 you spend you get 1 point). How awesome of a place is that?!

They have the widest selection of fabrics I have seen anywhere and they have even better sales and clearanced fabrics too!

Here is a sampling of the fabrics I have purchased from ~ these fabrics are for our Diaper Bags for Joplin, MO Project.

I have ordered several other fabrics from there too including the Minky, batting for my quilts and other special order prints I wasn't able to find anywhere else!

Thank you for awesome products and great prices!!

The Kidds

Baby-Bug Boutique

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