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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Milk Truck ~ A Must Read for Breastfeeding Mothers

I am very pro-breastfeeding, cloth-diapering, baby-wearing, go as green as possible, fresh vegetables kind of mother. If we had a washer and dryer at home, we'd be cloth diapering and reusable baby wipes like no tomorrow with 3 still in diapers.

But I did nurse my youngest two children until I absolutely was not able to ~ surgeries after my youngest was born and with my son, he was well under-developed because I wasn't eating enough and my milk just stopped because I lost a ton of weight really fast (about 50lbs in two months) and he was barely 11 lbs at 4 months old when he was born at 8lbs 7oz...anyway...

Came across this project in Pittsburgh today and just had to share it because while nursing my youngest daughter out in public we did run into issues where someone got upset over it (even though I was completely covered and so was she) and we ended up having to leave where we were because of it. The job I was working at the time was also very disconcerned over pumping issues (as far as location and time allowed) and I wish this was up and running so that it would have helped out a co-worker of mine who definitely had more issues with pumping while at work than I did.

Here is the link to The Milk Truck's project website and a little information, but basically when you are out in public and are requested to leave or go nurse in the bathroom because someone is upset over you breastfeeding your child in public, you can call The Milk Truck and they will come to where you are (assuming right now in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas right now) in their truck and allow you to nurse in their part about it is...look at the truck!

Now tell me that isn't going to cause a disturbance! I and IN LOVE with that truck ~ so much for the breastfeeding mother causing a scene, now you have this truck with a boob on top of it in front of your business...great! I hope that there become more of these trucks in every state!

The link a couple paragraphs above is where you can donate to help support the project ~ they need to raise $10,000 to get it started by July 27th, 2011. Even if you can only donate $20 that is that much closer to helping them reach their goal...send it to your family and friends who are nursing, nursed their children when they were little, or even one who wanted to but couldn't for one reason or another, everyone should see this!!!

Have a terrific night!

The Kidds
Baby-Bug Boutique

Monday, June 27, 2011

Family + Godiva Chocolate + Cheesecake = Heaven

We had a birthday celebration for me this weekend ~ turning the big 25 years old...thank you for car insurance dropping due to an age. So we traveled down to Richmond, Virginia (well Glenn Allen technically) to not only eat some great food at The Cheesecake Factory, taste some great dessert, but to spend time as a family and do a little shopping at Short Pump Towne Center too.

My favorite part about the Cheesecake Factory ~ Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake!! It is about the best thing ever in the world that I have tasted! It even looks good!

I was very impressed with Short Pump Towne Center ~ not only do they have a family restroom that has a little toilet in their for potty training and small children, they have a special room for nursing mothers as well (it even has a nice glider with gliding ottoman too!). If I was still nursing it would've been perfect to stop in and use, kept very clean as well and also has a baby changing table in there too!

The Cheesecake Factory at Short Pump Towne Center (well just in front of it) was overwhelmingly friendly ~ Brian had a cough from his pneumonia and a server that wasn't even ours brought him a glass of water as soon as we were sitting down. The server we had was very attentive and even made sure the kids had their food before ours came out so they wouldn't be restless (we forgot to ask him to do that ~ so that was even better). Our food came out nice and hot and he even made sure my meal was cooked right before I ate anything and had them cook it a little longer and then brought it back out. He brought boxes to our table for the kids' food realizing they weren't eating very much and made sure we had boxes as needed and even packaged it for us. He was absolutely awesome. Look forward to being able to return there again ~ the food was decently priced for the quality and portion size as well. The restaurant itself was gorgeous and kept very clean too!

Overall it was a great brithday celebration with my family, which is what I wanted. Thank you to The Cheesecake Factory for making it such a memorable event!

The Kidds
Baby-Bug Boutique

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Favorite Online Fabric Supplier ~

I had never been one to buy much online, after staying home with my children, I have realized the benefits to ordering online. No hasseling with the kids, the car, the diaper bag and so much more in the store, most of the time we can get Free shipping, so saves us the gas in the car to drive an hour to whatever store we need to go to, online deals can make the items even cheaper than in the store and some places even take my coupons too!

Well in my searching for a great online fabric retailer I found several, but the prices were so high it deterred me from buying, it was worth my gas to drive to JoAnn's and get the fabric for cheaper on our "errands" days.

Finally I cam across and well, I am in LOVE with them. They have relatively great prices on their fabrics and for orders over $35.00 you get FREE shipping (2 day UPS shipping). Not only that, but they offer coupon codes on their site AND a frequent buyer program (every $2.00 you spend you get 1 point). How awesome of a place is that?!

They have the widest selection of fabrics I have seen anywhere and they have even better sales and clearanced fabrics too!

Here is a sampling of the fabrics I have purchased from ~ these fabrics are for our Diaper Bags for Joplin, MO Project.

I have ordered several other fabrics from there too including the Minky, batting for my quilts and other special order prints I wasn't able to find anywhere else!

Thank you for awesome products and great prices!!

The Kidds

Baby-Bug Boutique

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cupcakery ~ Flavorful, Sweet and Totally Delicious

A few months back now we got to experience the yummy sweetness of the cupcakes from Cupcakery (Fredericksburg, Virginia) and man, oh man, are they some of the best cupcakes we have ever tasted!

My favorite was the Orange Dreamsicle and my children loved all of them in our sampler box we got. They actually ate the entire thing (icicng and all), which usually they just eat the icing and I eat the cupcake.

They were the first cupcakes I had that weren't, make your teeth hurt, sweet and yet still held onto the goodness of a sweet treat! The batter was delicious and didn't fall apart while trying to eat them. Great cupcakes!

Cupcakery was even featured in the Wedding Guide of The Free Lance-Star Newspaper and they attend several of the craft shows and vendor events in the Fredericksburg and surrounding areas.

Judy is so amazingly sweet herself ~ definitely a wonderful busienss owner and person. She does custom orders as well as their regular items and helps create a truly wonderful experience for you party or special event!

This is a picture of my oldest ~ Aubrey enjoying her cupcake during our picnic outside.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh so cute and oh so lovely ~ Bow Divas

At the Children's Miracle Network Fundraiser this year we met Tricia and her family from Bow Divas and what can I say she has definitely help my little bald baby turn into a little diva!

I can't take my little Madeline anywhere without a headband and a flower clip (from Annalie's Boutique) or her yellow and pink korker from Bow Divas. I haven't found better quality or better in cuteness korkers anywhere in my surrounding area. And they are wonderfully affordable too! We also purchased a pretty Easter one for Madeline to wear with her pillowcase dress made by my friend Michelle this year (next year she can wear it as a shirt).

We are also working with Bow Divas in using their korkers on our diaper wreaths ~ how cool is that?! Tricia and her partner and making korker and spike bows in matching ribbon to our diaper wreath designs to help create a truly one-of-a-kind gift!

They will be opening and eCrater store soon where you will be able to purchase their lovely hair pretties online as well. For the mean time they are using their Facebook Page to handle all incoming orders and questions can be e-mailed to them at:

With the birth of my new neice and my little Madeline still having no hair (other than we will be looking to Bow Divas for all our hair pretty needs! Especially if we start the beauty pageant business with Madeline as it looks like she will be my little miss. priss.

Thanks Tricia for such wonderful items!!!

Here is Madeline wearing her headband and korker from Bow Divas!

ClearSight Ultrasound ~ Experience the Bond

When we first found out we were pregnant with our oldest daughter, I can remember constantly dreaming at night what she looked like and how pretty she would be and if she'd have any of my features or who she looked like the most.

I was working in Richmond, Va at the time at VCU Health Systems in the Central Telemetry Department and one of nurses' aides on the cardiac floor was expecting as well. She was several months ahead of me, but she had these sonogram pictures she was showing everyone and they were not only 3D, but in color - you could see every little detail of the little baby. I wanted to see my baby so bad and had to find out where she had it done. Well, her doctor's office did hers, but our office didn't offer that (at the time) and they only did 2 sonograms unless it was medically necessary for more. So off to the world-wide-web I went and stumbled across ClearSight Ultrasound. It was the closest place to us and the prices were extremely affordable and the facility looked great too.

Mother's day weekend we drove down to Midlothian, VA and met Patty and Tim Hughes the owners of ClearSight Ultrasound and they were not only welcoming, but very excited themselves to see our little girl. It was so relaxing and just simply amazing to see her little fingers, mouth, nose and even her smile. All the pictures were put on a CD for us to take home and a DVD was made too - we watched it again when we got home and I couldn't stop myself from crying - she was just too precious looking and I wanted to hold her so bad.

When we found out we were expecting again with our son and youngest daughter, appointments were immediately made (okay maybe a few months into the pregnancy, but still) so we could see our precious little ones before they were born. Once again we had an incredible time and just LOVE their new facility and they even cater to the older siblings so that mommy and daddy can enjoy the sonogram and seeing their baby. Now they offer photography too ~ which we will be having a session done the end of July. Cannot wait to see Patty and Tim again and have them photograph our children outside the womb this time!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

American Heart Association New CPR Guidelines

These new guidelines that came out January 1st, 2011 are now officially being taught to the public and healthcare workers alike, please look at the changes and as always take a CPR class - you can find a very affordable class no matter where you live. It is always better to be in the "know" should something happen. Our nation's average 911 response time for Fire and Rescue is 15-20 minutes...these skills will help you in those first few minutes where you could save a life of your friend or loved one.

American Heart Association (AHA) CPR changes

New Guideline: No look, listen, and feel for breathing.
Old Guideline: "Look, listen and feel" for breathing before administering rescue breaths and chest compressions.

Rational for Change: Minimize the delay in providing chest compressions.

Begin CPR by providing 30 chest compressions, then open the airway and give two breaths. If you suspect possible drowning, begin with CPR with rescue breaths before chest compressions.
Give two rescue breaths prior to giving 30 chest compressions.
Existing oxygen in the lungs and in the circulatory system is sufficient to provide the immediate benefits provided by chest compressions.

New Guideline: Compress adult chest to a depth of at least five centimetres/two inches.
Old Guideline: Compression depth of 4-5 centimetres/1.5-2 inches for adults.
Emphasis is on providing good quality chest compressions with sufficient depth to provide adequate circulation.

Rational for Change: Compression depth for children and infants is one third the diameter of the chest. This corresponds to approximately five centimetres/two inches for children and 4 centimetres/1.5 inches for infants.
Administer chest compressions at one third to one half of the diameter of the chest for child and infant CPR.
Emphasis is on providing quality compressions of an adequate depth.

New Guideline: Give compressions at a rate of at least 100 per minute.
Old Guideline: Give compression at a rate of approximately 100 per minute.
Emphasis is on good quality chest compressions at a rate to provide adequate circulation.

Rational for Change: To minimize interruptions in chest compressions, if there is more than one rescuer present, continue CPR while the AED is switched on and the pads are being placed on the patient.
No reference to continuing chest compressions while preparing the AED.
Emphasis is on reducing the number and duration of pauses during chest compressions.

New Guideline: For infants (less than one year of age) use of an AED with pediatric dose attenuation (reducer) is recommended. An AED without a dose attenuator may be used if a pediatric one is not available.
Old Guideline: AED use for infants (less than one year of age) was not recommended.

Rational for Change: Use of AED on infants has shown to be effective.

New Guideline: Reduced emphasis on barriers when providing CPR. Although still recommended, treatment should not be delayed if barriers are not available.
Old Guideline: Emphasized use of barriers.

Rational for Change: Research has shown that chance of disease transmission is very rare when providing CPR.

A Stitch in Time... at the Speed of Smartphones (Wall Street Journal)

This article was published back on May 12, 2011 - but I love it so much I wanted to share it with everyone here too!

Your grandmother's hobby is going high-tech.

Amid sewing's pop-culture revival, makers of sewing machines are cutting no corners in their appeal to the next generation of seamstresses. Equipped with USB ports and high-resolution touch screens, the newest sewing machines address the industry's growth demographic—people in their 20s and 30s inspired by fashion and design reality-TV shows and raised on computers and smartphones.

After eight seasons of "Project Runway" on cable television, sewing is still hot. "Project Runway" sponsor Brother International says 2010 was a record year in sewing and embroidery, with U.S. sales of machines and accessories up 22% over 2009, according to Dean Shulman, senior vice president. Unemployment and economic uncertainty have helped. "The economic downturn has in some ways been beneficial, because more consumers have turned to comforts in home and tradition," says Katrina Helmkamp, chief executive of SVP Worldwide, which sells mass-market Singer sewing machines as well as the specialty Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff lines.

Retail giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is bringing back cut fabrics, which sales associates cut to the length a customer requests, in some stores. Wal-Mart removed them in 2006 to create a cleaner selling floor. "Our customers are telling us they want it back," says Wal-Mart spokeswoman Tara Raddohl. Later this year, some Wal-Mart stores will expand their assortments of buttons, threads, zippers and other notions.

New multitasking sewing machines strive to be as accessible as a smartphone. Modern machines have added decorative stitches, automatic threading and touch screens for easier use. There are smartphone apps for matching thread to fabric and software that digitizes embroidery designs. With the USB port on the latest embroidery machines, users can transfer an image from laptop to sewing machine.

Some high-end machines even purport to help you sew better. "Features that automate sewing and embroidery processes make things easier, faster and more intuitive for all users," says Rachel Stephens, director of integrated marketing at SVP Worldwide. Using an advanced machine, someone with entry-level sewing skills can accomplish a fairly complex project, she says. But familiarity with sewing techniques and with new technology is still a must.

Some beginners have unrealistic expectations, says Virginia Fawcett, owner of Needlecraft Sewing Center, a store and school in Midland Park, N.J. They like how new machines promise speed. "People don't want to take forever to do anything," she says, cautioning, "you have to have skill to do it." She prefers mechanical machines. "I have had computerized ones, and I feel like they're too slow," she says.

Before the home sewing-machine, skilled individuals did hand-sewing at about 20 stitches a minute. The first sewing machines increased the speed tenfold. Today, a standard machine operates at about 800 stitches a minute, and a high-end machine at 1,100 a minute, according to Gary Jones, president of mass market for the Singer brand.

Marketers want to sell a seamstress her first machine when she is in her teens or 20s, then sell her the high-end upgrade down the road. "Consumers in their 20s want to explore all types of creativity, while the 30-something starts to settle down and becoming more serious about perfecting their sewing skills," says Martin Favre, president of Bernina of America, part of Swiss sewing machine company Bernina International, whose machines start at less than $500 for novice sewers and range up to $13,000.

Companies try to keep entry-level prices low. Brother's opening price is $80 for a mechanical machine, and as low as $140 for a computerized model. Still, there's plenty of demand for more innovation. Even buyers of high-end machines want to top their sewer friends, SVP's Ms. Stephens says. "With the top-of-the-line consumer, they've got some friendly competition with their girlfriends."

SVP Worldwide says Husqvarna Viking's $5,999 Designer Ruby machine, introduced last year, has a high-resolution touch screen and a USB port, so embroidery designs can be uploaded from computer to sewing machine. The machine senses fabric thickness and adjusts for an even fabric feed—eliminating uneven stitching that results when newbies press or push fabric along. With SVP Worldwide's Thread Match, a $2.99 smartphone app, users shoot a photo of a color, and the app searches 15,000 commercially available thread colors to find several matching options.

Brother's $9,300 Quattro 6000D, for experienced users, has a camera-like feature built in over the needle that shows what the needle "sees" on the HD display. Users get a detailed image of hard-to-see places, eliminating the need for guessing about where to drop the needle. "It's like having GPS built into the machine," Mr. Shulman says. "We really want to be known as the fashion company by using technology to make creativity as easy as possible."

Ease-of-use emerged as the most important feature among 15 women in the market for a sewing machine, who participated in SVP Worldwide's recent "shop along" research in Nashville and Ann Arbor, Mich. As the women shopped, many revealed they saw sewing as something they would like to do with their 9- to 15-year-old daughters.

Bernina estimates 39 million U.S. women own sewing machines, using them mainly for mending, crafts and home d├ęcor; it says an estimated 4 million individuals sew at least once a week. Bernina has provided ways for sewers and quilters to connect online. In 2009, it launched the website, with links to blogs and Twitter feeds. Bernina says the site has received 95,000 visits so far.

Sewing has always been a social activity, and some companies see a marketing opportunity. On Mother's Day weekend, the Singer brand hosted 800 sewing parties across the country. Experienced sewers were hosts, teaching guests how to use Singer machines. The events are a way to reach beginners, SVP's Ms. Stephens says. "It allowed consumers to get their hands dirty with the machine and feel comfortable with it."

Susan Leanna, 43 and a member of a quilting group in Green Bay, Wisc., who started sewing eight years ago, applied online and was selected as a host. SVP supplied fabric, thread and decorations, plus a Singer Confidence Stylist mid-level machine, with 70 stitch patterns and an automatic needle threader. After attending a demo of how to use the machine, Ms. Leanna taught her guests how to sew a small accessory bag. Hosts could get 20% off a purchase of the machine, and attendees could get 15% off. "It's more fun to sew with friends and family than to sit at home and do it by yourself," Ms. Leanna says.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

The Kidds

Baby-Bug Boutique

Happy Father's Day ~ A Tribute to Dads

"There's something like a line of gold thread running through a man's words when he talks to his daughter, and gradually over the years it gets to be long enough for you to pick up in your hands and weave into a cloth that feels like love itself."
~ John Gregory Brown, 1994

I read this quote the other day and fell in love with it. I was immediately reminded of how many times I sat in my dad's lap when he was home from deployments on the the couch watching TV or even just simply talking about the day. I remembered how many times as I was in high school sitting in his lap, crying my eyes out over one thing or another...mostly how much I missed my mother. As an adult I remember the first time I got to talk with him on the phone while at basic training for the Army and the plethora of talks we had while running duty at the rescue squad together. Now it is my talks with him concerning my children and what to do and the stresses of being a "grown-up," many of nights we have talked about my fears, dreams and I will always remember those words...and while he isn't right there with me as we talk I can feel him holding me on his lap, like he used to do when I was younger.

This quote also reminded me of my husband and how he interacts with our children. He loves them to pieces and I can remember a time more recently where Brian grabbed the chairs outside, took a flashlight (his cellphone) and asked Aubrey to come outside with him to gaze at the stars. I don't know what they talked about, but it is something she will never forget. She is always sitting in her daddy's lap to watch TV, read a book, or simply to just be near him. He has these little conversations with all of the kids that is just so touching to hear and watch. And the children are so absorbed by it. There is nothing more precious for me to see than the kids riding with Brian on the lawn tractor mowing the yard, or even riding up or down the street and sometimes going to to dock in the subdivision...such a special and tight bond has been created and it is amazing!

So to all you dad's out there ~ HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!

The Kidds

Baby-Bug Boutique

Friday, June 17, 2011

A new little bloom - Chloe Anne

Yesterday was such a wonderful day for our family - we got a new addition to our family. My little neice was born 6/16/2011 at 3:10pm weighing 6lbs 15oz and 19in long. I have never had such a breakdown of emotions since my youngest was born. I was so happy I was in tears - she is just the most precious little angel in the world.

Her name is Chloe Anne ~ it is Greek in origin (funny because my sister took Latin in High School) and means "Blooming" which is just a wonderful combination because she is just as pretty as a rose and she has the most loving parents in the world. She will truly "bloom" into a beautiful little girl with such a wonderful spunky get girlie personality.

I am even more honored that my sister brough a blanket that I made for her to the hospital to keep her snuggled and warm in, not only am I a proud Auntie and I am thrilled. My sister had a wonderful nurse, who helped us so much when I was in preterm labor with my youngest and that made me feel even better that she was in such good hands in the hospital.

Welcome to the world little blossom!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Baby Buggies

When I have my sewing room/work office/personal space I have so many ideas on how to decorate and how I want everything to look...

One thing I have always been looking for was little sculptures of babies in a ladybug, butterfly and bumble bee design to represent my children (my baby buggies). I came across this wonderful Facebook page and not only did she make incredibly cute polymer clay babies - she was more than willing and able to make my custom order ($19.99/each + shipping).

The pricing was great too - as some of the ones I had been looking at were going to cost almost 3 times that amount total.

Who is the place you ask? Well it is Custom made Dolls and Doll Accessories and they turned out better than I had even hoped they would. Ofcourse now she has developed the "Bottoms Up" babies which is what I was originally wanting and looking for, but all that means is I might just have to order a couple more and I already have a few ideas for those too!

Here is the picture of my baby buggies - aren't they adorable!

Each one came with their own Certificate of Authenticity too.

Make sure to visit her page and tell her that Jessica Kidd/Baby-Bug Boutique sent you :)

Squares, Fluff and Blocks ~ Oh My!

We took on a pretty intense (well for me anyway) in home advertising technique and it will finally be compeleted tomorrow when the box is on it's way to the British Columbia in Canada.

After several of our fans had refferred us to Bundles and Buzz to includes our reusable nursing pads in their bundle packs, we contacted the company and they actually decided they'd like us to send our baby blocks instead. Sounds awesome was my reply...then it came down to making 50 baby blocks from scratch. Now while this sounded easy, man was it a lot of work. We are talking cutting and sewing together 300 4"x4" squares and then filling each oen with polyfil and jingle bells and then hand sewing the completed 50 blocks closed.

Luckily I received help from my ever wonderful husband (thank you hunny) towards the end in filling the blocks, but it was definitely a task. Today I am happy to announce they are all completed and packaged and will go out in tomorrow's mail (phew!).

I look forward to watching their site for photos of our blocks in their new homes and what other items they were sent with. I can't wait to read the reviews of those who receive them as well.

Thank you so much Bundles and Buzz for the business opportunity - we look forward to working with you again in the future!

The Kidds
Baby-Bug Boutique

Our Newest Adventure - Barefoot Books

I was so excited today when I found this company and totally fell in love with their books. Not only are they just great books - but each book (for every age) helps develop your child's knowledge basis and creativity. Especially the older children's books they requrie your imaginatioon to be used as well - 100% worth every penny they cost!

Not only that they have several terrific gift options and collections starting at $20.00 and a couple even less AND you can buy gift certificates/cards too - how exciting is that! Even better all orders over $60.00 get free shipping!

Fundraisers are available and they even have certain books that a portion of the sales are automatically donated to a chairty - couldn't ask for a better way to help your money go far!

If you are interested in looking at the books they offer, to place an order, becoming a consultant yourself with Barefoot books (no sign-up costs and no quotas either and really cheap advertising materials - cost wise) or want to do a fundraiser just let us know and we would be happy to help!

Here is our website:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Diaper Bags for Joplin, Missouri

While I am on here - I might as well post this here as well and maybe I can give a few more details too!

By this time next month - we are hoping to have completed 20 fully stocked diaper bags to be mailed out to Joplin, Missouri. I have been in contact with the Girl Scout chapter in Missouri that services the Joplin area to help us distribute these diaper bags and they are not only willing, but have also given us the contact information for a local church being used as a shelter and another volunteer organization that could better distribute them.

This is a very exciting and humbling opportunity for us. Exciting because I get to try out my diaper bag pattern and create some beautiful bags for those in need and humbling because these families have lost EVERYTHING they own in this disaster. We have also received such a dramatic response in those wanting to help us raise the funding needed for the diaper bags (fabric, stabilizer, thread etc) and the baby essentials (diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream etc) to fill them. We have received a couple donations to date (20 pampers baby wipes containers and a box of baby essentials) which we are so grateful to have received, but still need help with our project.

These companies (in the FB link to our album on FB with all their information) have offered a portion of their sales, commissions and even certain items to be bought at a discounted rate to be donated to our diaper bag project. There is Mary Kay, Longaberger, BeautiControl, Scentsy, Tastefully Simple, Arbonne, Pampered Chef, Lemongrass Spas, Usborne Books, Dove Chocolate, Discovery Toys, The Gourmet Cupboard and Thiry-One Gifts - so many choices for graduation, Father's Day, birthdays, baby showers, summer cook-outs, family reunions and just because gifts. In the description of each picture is the details and links you need to follow to help out. Diaper Bags for Joplin, MO Fundraiser Opportunities

We are also accepting donations of the following items:

diapers (size 1 is what i am going with)
suncreen/insect repllent for babies
hand sanitizer
baby wash, lotions, etc
diaper rash cream
other baby necessities
Would like to get some small toys (teething rings, rattles, board books, etc) as well to include, but am concentrating on the main necessities first.

cotton fabric in children's print (1yrd of a print and 1 yrd of a coordinating fabric)
medium weight stabilizer
white thread
1/4" elastic white
white buttons (medium to large in size)

We currently have fabric to make 6 boys diaper bags and 2 girls diaper bags - we are going to make 10 girls and 10 boys ones total.

Thank you so much for everyone who has help support this cause thus far and for all those who will help in the future - please share this with your family and friends even if you cannot help. We will be including a note in each diaper bag that has a list of everyone/every business that has helped make this project successful.

Any questions you can contact us by e-mail at:

Thank you!

The Kidds

Baby-Bug Boutique

Coming Soon: Baby-Bug Boutique's Blog

This is our very first blog posting, but hey we have it up and running. Pretty different and pretty exciting. I am not sure the direction this blog will take or how it will take Baby-Bug Boutique, but either way we are along for the ride.

We look forward to doing some product reviews, photo contests and other giveaways here on our page since Facebook itself has seemed to make those things difficult for small businesses, but also this will give everyone a little more personal of a look into Baby-Bug Boutique and our happenings behind the scenes.

So here we go - putting out our COMING SOON sign as far as this blog is concerned - if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, want us to do a product review or anything with our blog feel free to e-mail us at and we will considered all ideas - or you can even comment to our blog too!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

The Kidd Family

Baby-Bug Boutique