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Monday, June 27, 2011

Family + Godiva Chocolate + Cheesecake = Heaven

We had a birthday celebration for me this weekend ~ turning the big 25 years old...thank you for car insurance dropping due to an age. So we traveled down to Richmond, Virginia (well Glenn Allen technically) to not only eat some great food at The Cheesecake Factory, taste some great dessert, but to spend time as a family and do a little shopping at Short Pump Towne Center too.

My favorite part about the Cheesecake Factory ~ Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake!! It is about the best thing ever in the world that I have tasted! It even looks good!

I was very impressed with Short Pump Towne Center ~ not only do they have a family restroom that has a little toilet in their for potty training and small children, they have a special room for nursing mothers as well (it even has a nice glider with gliding ottoman too!). If I was still nursing it would've been perfect to stop in and use, kept very clean as well and also has a baby changing table in there too!

The Cheesecake Factory at Short Pump Towne Center (well just in front of it) was overwhelmingly friendly ~ Brian had a cough from his pneumonia and a server that wasn't even ours brought him a glass of water as soon as we were sitting down. The server we had was very attentive and even made sure the kids had their food before ours came out so they wouldn't be restless (we forgot to ask him to do that ~ so that was even better). Our food came out nice and hot and he even made sure my meal was cooked right before I ate anything and had them cook it a little longer and then brought it back out. He brought boxes to our table for the kids' food realizing they weren't eating very much and made sure we had boxes as needed and even packaged it for us. He was absolutely awesome. Look forward to being able to return there again ~ the food was decently priced for the quality and portion size as well. The restaurant itself was gorgeous and kept very clean too!

Overall it was a great brithday celebration with my family, which is what I wanted. Thank you to The Cheesecake Factory for making it such a memorable event!

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