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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Late Night "Sew-Therapy"

For the past few weeks (minus the few days I was in New York visiting my grandmother with the kids), I have been up until 2-3am working on items, orders, prepping, answering e-mails and anything in between. This has become my usual "working" hours from about 8p until 2a or so.

I manage to actualyl get a great deal done during these hours (when I am not sitting here blogging), but it is definitely something that has taken a toll on me a little here and there. Luckily the kiddos will sleep until about 830a or sometimes even as late a 9am, this will be changing soon as well, since my oldest will start Pre-K this year and she will ride the bus to school. So I will have to make sure I get her up and on the bus each morning. I am very excited for her and I think she is more excited than anyone else.

But during these late nights I have been listening to Life FM and all their programs and music and let me tell you something...I have never been so in love with a radio station. Not only do they have some of the best Praise and Worship music, they have terrific podcasts and programs that are featured. When I was working and up at the crack of dawn, I'd listen to their early morning programs and I can remember several times crying going to work because I felt like the program was hand-selected by God for me to listen to that morning.

I often reflect late at night on the events of the day, the past week, where I want my life, my family, my business to go...what are God's plans for me and sometimes I don't have an answer for any of it and I really start feeling alone and let down over these thoughts and then my ears tune into the song playing on Life FM and I get a reminder that I am not alone...I may not know the answers, the reasons or the direction, but God has that steering wheel and He isn't letting go.

I love that the station is listener supported, no commercials and what breaks between the music is programs, scripture reading, podcasts or even news. One of my favorite things to listen too (and it is on right now) is Unschackled.

It has definitely been a life changing experience the past year listening to Life FM and I have gain new insights into my personal relationship with God, The Bible and the scriptures inside, even perspectives on how to raise my children, manage finances and how to help my family heal from the wounds we've inflicted upon each other. It is wonderful to have such a great radio station near us.

Thank you Life FM for all that you do! May God continue to bless the radio station, its staff and those whose lives you touch every day!

The Kidds 
Baby-Bug Boutique

Barefoot Books Summer Sale ~ Ends August 15th, 2011

The annual Barefoot Books Summer Sale started a couple weeks ago, and ends August 15th, 2011.

There are over 50 titles at 60% off for all ages. They are some really awesome books! You can also use the following code AMBTWY and receive an additional 20% off your order (sale and regular price items).

FREE shipping on order over $60.00 (that is an everyday special, no coupon code needed).

You can order through our website at, or by E-mail at This is a great chance to stock up on books for school book projects, birthday and Christmas presents and any other special event you might need a gift for.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Charge It ~ Without Paypal

We recently signed up to use Square Up ~ they best part about it, we can now take your credit card purchases without having to use paypal.

We can actually process your card through the app on my Android phone. This is very exciting because not everyone like the whole "pay online" concept, but it also opens a new window of opportunity for us with our events and shows.

In the next few days we will receive a card reader that attaches to the phone so we can swipe your card right then and there too. I will be looking into purchasing an imprinter as well, just in case we don't have signal or can't access the internet at the place we are at, so we can still accept your credit card payments that way too.

For the time being though ~ we will only be accepting credit card payments for orders of $20.00 or more due to the fees associated with it. Otherwise we end up losing more money then what it is worth when it comes to the smaller items.  I hope everyone can understand the reasoning with that.

We look forward to this new endeavor and hope is opens lots of opportunities for as well!

The Kidds
Baby-Bug Boutique

Friday, July 8, 2011

This and That and Then Some

So we are a little behind on some postings so this is a little collaboration of things I was wanting to share all in one posting ~ are you ready?

First off being the famous question ~ "Do you have gift certificates, they don't know what gender the baby is yet?"  Answer ~ "Absolutely, and they can be mailed to the recipient or they can be held on here." They expire within 1 year of being issued and the order must be placed by e-mail, phone or Facebook in order to redeem them. I will need the number that is wrote on the top of the gift certificate to verify with our records here. Below is a picture of what our gift certificates look like.

Now my incredibly late HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY posting ~ I found this picture online (can't quite remember where now) of the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington DC with the fireworks going off. It is because of our service men and women we are able to maintain the freedom we celebrate "The land of the free, because of the brave" as the saying goes. I just want to say thank you to all our service men and women out there protecting our right to stay a free country and I hope they all got to celebrate in one way or another no matter where they are located. Come home soon and come home safe!

My next segment is about the depressing results of the Casey Anthony Trial and while I don't particularly care to express all my opinions on this trial, I am just going to say as a mother I am grief stricken with the verdict in it's entirity...I feel as if justice was not served and Caylee's death was in vain. However, "revenge is mine, thus sayeth the Lord" and I am thankful I am not God (even though I question His decisions sometimes) and am not the one in control of this world. I will continue to pray that the truth will one day surface and there is justice for Caylee Anthony. I encourage each of you to support your state in creating "Caylee's Law" that would make is a state and/or federal offense not to report your child missing within a certain amount of time ~ the times are varying by state at the moment, but I am sure there will become a standard. Please check your state's legislature to see if they are creating a law and support it. Sweet Caylee, you are better off not in this world with a parent who could care less that you are with her or not...God loves you and will rock you in his arms every night.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

1,300 Fan Giveaway ~ Travel Silverware Holder

WINNER is ANGIE (she chose the sock money travel silverware holder)!

We are going to be doing our first giveaway here on our blog!

Here is the first giveaway item: Travel Silverware Holder

Winner (selected by will get to choose the Travel Silverware Holder of their choice from the following picture (the safari animals is the only one not available)!

Our travel silverware holders are designed to be carried in your diaper bag or tote bag to make dining-out or eating on the go easier for not only the child, but us parents as well. Not all restaurants cater to children by offering silverware in which they can use, so here is the solution. No more ziploc bags needed, our travel silverware holders are also machine wash and dry so should there still be food on them, you can wash it away! They will hold a toddler silverware set or even 4 baby spoons. Perfect for any age child!

How to enter the giveaway:

Comment to this blog posting with your e-mail address so we may contact you and which of our products is your favorite and why.

Giveaway will close at 3pm on Friday July 11th, 2011.
Winner will be posted that night and will be contacted by e-mail (provided when entering the giveaway) by the next afternoon.