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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Diaper and Wipes Holder Voting Winners ~ is it You?!

We asked all our fans about a week ago to vote towards their favorite diaper and wipes holder design...the picture above was the three choice with the middle being our current design (Cushy Tushy Cases).

Over the past few months, we've realized that our current design was not only being used my boutiques and businesses across the US, but several people locally were making them as well. Our price point was average from our local sellers, but I have been on a mission this year to create new versions of some of our items that we've been selling since the beginning (almost 3 years ago now) or that just aren't selling like they used too.

This product concept is one we definitely need to keep and one the definitely is practical, so we just needed a new design idea.

We took a look at all the votes and it was easy to see that the design on the right is the most popular! So this will be our new diaper and wipes holder design! I am particularly happy with it because it will also be great for all our cloth diapering families out there as well, as I was struggling to make a great pattern based off our current design for cloth diapers and wipes.

So now the part you've all been waiting for right?! The part were we announce the three winners, just because they gave us their opinion. Easiest way to earn a free little something for your little one or even to use as a gift.

I chose the winners at random, using to generate the number of each winner. I did 1-22 taking out my comment and a two-part comment from a fan.

Winner #1 is: Barbara Divers Ross

Winner #2 is: Lara Tripp

Winner #3 is: Sarah Beck

Congratulations to all our winners!! You can choose the design and fabric pattern of choice for your diaper and wipes holder. Please message/e-mail me with your mailing address so I can ship them once complete.


Thank you to everyone who participated in casting their vote and be on the look-out for a name that product contest where you will have the chance to win one our diaper and wipes holders in this new pattern. We will be looking to name this item and if the name you suggest is the one we choose ~ then you win the item!

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend so far ~ it was a beautiful 60 degrees here today, but we will be getting snow tomorrow (amount uncertain that last time I looked)...which isn't a bad long as we don't lose power, because then I will have plenty of sewing time!

The Kidds
Baby-Bug Boutique

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Goodbye Paper ~ Hello Cloth

After hundreds of paper towels later, I finally thought that it would be a great idea to cut on the waste of trees by cutting out the amount of paper towels we used.

The first of these ventures, was using baby wipes and clorox wipes and such and yet that tended to cost us more money in the long run than the paper towels did...ofcourse this was also when cold and flu season hot too.

So we went back to paper towels and decided to go with the 100% recycled ones ~ Small Steps...these are great, but still using paper towels. LOVE that they are made from recycled materials though!

And while this concept isn't our original idea, it is new to Baby-Bug Boutique. So welcoming into our All things cloth line is un"paper" towels!

Our un"paper" towels are made from flannel and terry cloth, they are the same size as standard store bought paper towels. They are double-stitched to maintain integrity. They are able to me hand or machine washed and dried.

Snaps can be added so if one wanted to purchase multiples, they could and roll them together like a roll of paper towels.

We have made some to be used by others who were interested, to get un-biased opinions in testing out this new item.

Those who are testing, will respond to this blog with their feedback ~ we want to know how they withstand to anything you would use a paper towel for, as well as, how they withstand washing.

We look forward to many more product testing opportunities in the future as we introduce new products.

The Kidds
Baby-Bug Boutique

Saturday, February 4, 2012

All things cloth and eco-friendly...

I am always looking for new adventures in all aspects of life, however, most of the new adventures tend to revolve around sewing and Baby-Bug Boutique.

The past year, as I participated in several craft shows in a variety of areas across our state (Virginia), I realized one thing. There weren't many (if any) products directed towards parenting/children/housekeeping that were eco-friendly. There were so many wonderful items and the quality is fantastic, but when it came to protecting our enviroment or making parenting easier in some ways, these items were rare. Or if there was an item, there were several vendors carrying the same item.

So, as in my nature, I want everyone to do well at a craft show, we all have a God-given talent and each person should be able to display that talent without having to worry about the pricing or the competition. This year, I am working in some different items into our display, and ofcourse keeping the majority we already make as well. I want to give my local area and the areas we travel too something new to look at, and even if it isn't a new concept, it is something new to the craft shows in our area.

That being said ~ we are launching an all things cloth line of products. This includes our mama cloths, cloth diapers, reusable wipes, un"paper" towels, reusable snack bags, organic boo boo and hot/cold packs and reusable nursing pads.

Now yes, some of those items we have been making since last year, but we are going to increase the quantity and the exposure they get. We feel this will not only help cut down on the amount of trash it household produces (even if it is a small impact), but it will help with the family budget too.

We strive to maintain our principles that if we destroy the earth, there will be nothing left to pass down to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. My desire is to pass down an earth worth keeping for years to come.

The movie "Wall-E" was a movie that really put things into perspective for both Brian and myself on how people take care of the Earth today and what the future could potentially hold. I always wonder how I would answer the question "Grandma, what is a tree?"

Now while we do see a huge impact being made by our business alone, we hope to educate, to provide these types of products to those willing to change their current habits and start a healthier lifestyle for their budgets and the environment.

The Kidds
Baby-Bug Boutique

New Year and New Changes

As just about everyone does, we enter the new year with several fears, but also several hopes.

One of our biggest changes this year, is converting from our eCrater store to an etsy shop. This has been something I was fearful over for the past year, with the insane amount of competition, the repetition of product and fabrics and the pricing that is all over the place...I didn't think it was quite for us. After lots of contemplation, we finally decided to open a store, in hopes it will open a new market in e-commerce, but also allow us a feeback system, since Facebook has decided to take that away.

So here is our new etsy shop:

We are still loading products and rearranging the shop categories and such, I think every business continuously does this, but bear with us as we repicture all our items that are already made and upload them, in addition to, loading all our new items as they are made. This is our new purchasing format for our products and custom listings as well.

Another wonderful thing we finally signed up for was Pinterest ~ this was a BAD mistake...LOL. Really it is a wonderful site, but I tend to spend the waking hours of the night on there looking over all the wonderful recipes, ideas and projects and adding them to my boards.

We created a board for Baby-Bug Boutique and the plan for this board is to put one of each item we make on the board, and then our special/custom orders as well. This way we show a little of who we are and what we are capable of. Please feel free to follow our pin boards (any of them) and repin as you feel the need to!

Our pinterest board:

Just a few new ways you can follow and keep up-to-date with Baby-Bug Boutique, our products, capabilities and so much more. We'd love to just have a store and let everyone come in and out as they liked to, one day we will get there, but for now this is the best we can do :)

Hope everyone is having a great 2012 and is looking forward to all the new developments, products and dreams for Baby-Bug Boutique this year. We are celebrating our 3rd year in business this coming March (first official year of only "working" Baby-Bug Boutique, as I started as a WAHM last March).

The Kidds
Baby-Bug Boutique