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Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Rewind ~ Highlights from Our Weekend

Since we missed last week ~ we are going to combine a little from both weekends here, as there was this cutie of a applique ribbon lovie I just had to share. I remember the day they posted The Hungry Caterpillar fabric on ~ I about DIED...I loved that book as a child, and even now as a adult. It is just a classic and I just had to make some of my remaining fabric from our tote bag lining into this ribbon lovie. My search was on to find a cute caterpillar applique that I could use and I found this one at Planet Applique.

We LOVE making the animal lovies ~ it is so much fun to take these beanie babies and make them into a cuddly blanket for any child to enjoy. We haven't made any in a while with everything else we are trying to accomplish before our fall craft shows, but it was nice to create this monkey pluffie animal lovie. Not only is the blanket super soft, but so is the little monkey!!

Another wonderful time in the world of applique ~ we are gearing up for the holidays and I just had to try out this snowflake applique with some cute snowflake fabric one of the ladies in my church gave me. I decided it needed some embroidery below the snowflake and wanted to make it as gender neutral as possibly so "Snow Baby" it was. My oldest LOVES the snow and asks for it all year long. This will be the first year my son will like it (or if he likes it that is), and the baby's first real winter she can go play in the snow.

FINALLY ~ we have completed our Tooth Fairy Pillow. I've been working on these for a while now trying to get them introduced and make some use with out embroidery machine ~ this was the first thing I had embroidered and then set aside to finish for later...well now later has come. We can now make custom tooth fairy pillows, as well as, offer them in our regular inventory. I was so excited to get these out so everyone can see them. We look forward to making many more and in a wide varitey of fabrics, even though I am still having trouble finding "tooth" fabric. Thining I may just need to buy some dentist scrub tops and cut them apart.

I hope everyone has an exciting week and stays safe. Enjoy the change in seasons and take every moment for what it is worth. You never know when your world may drastically change.

The Kidds
Baby-Bug Boutique

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