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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Off to the Market ~ 2011 Season

 This year, I had the amazing opportunity to not only shop at, but being a vendor at the Mineral Farmer's Market. The market itself is open May through October every year. I was there about once a month (minus this October, as we are booked with craft shows already), and while there were always the regular vendors, there was always someone new each time I was there. Below is a picture of a mural painted on the building where the market is located (in the field). There is also a church next to it as well, that has a bell tower which plays some of the most beautiful music I have heard!

 I purchased some WONDERFUL homemade salsa and tortilla chips ~ I can't stand to even eat store bought ones now, except out of desperation. I also met some terrific people and made new friendships. I got to meet a lot of people from my community as well ~ that was the best part!

 One of my favorite and most unique vendors I met at the market was Mundy Spoon Works. They make (by hand, I may add) a variety of wooden cooking untensils. They also accept custom orders. The quality of work is spectacular and the prices are great as well! Here is one of their items ~ the cookie spatula!

Another wonderful food item I was able to experience this year (never heard of it until this summer either) is wine jelly! Okay I don't drink a lot, but if I had my choice to drink anything, I would drink wine over anything else. So when I saw these jellies, I said "Oh, I have to get me one of these!" All the alcohol is cooked out in the process, so you are left with nothing but the flavor of the wine and a little sugar. My pick was White Zifandel Wine Jelly ~ and I LOVE IT. It is my breakfast treat to help me start the morning right sometimes. Not too sweet, but all the flavor of a great White Zifandel!

It was a very exciting time for us at the market ~ not forgetting all the wonderful veggies and breads we've bought so far too!

I look forward to being a vendor again at the Mineral Famer's Market in the 2012 season ~ it is always great to shop local and met those in your own community. I hope everyone looks and shops from their local farmer's market ~ if there isn't one in your area, look for one in a town near you, you'd be amazed at what you will find there.

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