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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekend Rewind ~ Highlights from Our Weekend

Yesterday was a little hectic here, as we were dealing with a family crisis of a sort. And Monday was also my little girl's first day at "the new school." She had been out of school for 3 weeks due to the earthquakes and needless to say we were all a little nervous about her being back in school. She was 100% ready and excited, so I am guessing the anxiety was all on us.

Anyway, here is a little recap on some of the items we made with love over this past weekend. First I am going to start with the shopping cart cover we made. I think it is just the neatest and cutest idea out there and this is for a little one that we made a car seat cover (same top material) and a quilt (coordinating panel) for. I redesigned our car seat covers about a month or two ago so that they could not only be reversible, but receive more use. They are now able to fit over restaurant high chairs too!

Another item we completed, which has really opened our market up to the adult arena has been our tote bags. Now yes, some of them also make really cute and wonderful diaper bags, but the one in particular I am going to highlight is a tote bag designed for direct sales consultants. This tote bag was created to represent Wildtree products, which are healthy and natural cooking and meal related products. I haven't tried any yet, but as I was looking through the catalog, there are many things I am looking forward to experiencing and using to help create healthier meals for my family.

The last item I am going to show is one of my newer and favorite little "green" items. We had the blog posting about our trash bag testers and the name that product contest and we got such a wonderful review of the one, so we decided it would be a great thing to make more. So this is our first "boy" one, as it seems I always start with the girly patterns (I have two girls, what can I say?).

I hope you enjoy this little recap ~ and please feel free to share any comments (As always), we love hearing from our readers and fans! I am off to the shower and then adding some more photos in our LCPS Disaster Relief Auction on our FB Fan Page, if you'd like to help sponsor please let us know (

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