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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Few Loose Ends

Going to tie up a few loose ends on here, that were posted earlier today and a little while ago on FB and some people prefer their terms and conditions to be posted on a blog as well, so there is always a record (FB sometimes moves things around or they go missing too).

Here is our shipping policy and information:

Where will you ship to?
Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, United Kingdom and APO Addresses.

Do you offer local pick-up?
Yes, there is always the option of picking up from our home, a craft show we will be at, the Farmer's Market, or meeting in our surrounding area (within reason and scheduling ~ our oldest is in school).

What shipping services do you offer?
We normally use United States Postal Service since we use paypal to receive payment we can print our shipping labels through there as well and there is an e-mail sent automatically with the tracking number to the recipient. We can use UPS as well, just depends on the weight of the package.

What are your shipping costs?
Our shipping will vary based on item and location. However, we only charge actual shipping (within a dollar at most). Most of our items will ship for $5.00 or less by themselves. We do combine shipping for multiple items.

Next issue to discuss is our money order acceptance policy which is listed below:


Due to the number of money order scams out there we now have this policy in place for accepting your money order.

We will only accept WalMart and United States Postal Service money orders ~ we would also appreciate them being sent certified mail or something kind of confirmation of delivery. This is to protect your money and its arrival to us so we may complete your order.
We will not purchase any materials or complete any orders paid by money order until they have cleared successfully. This is to protect us.

I hope this doesn't create too many issues for our customers, but we want everyone's money protected and well we'd love to ship anywhere you'd like us too, but sometimes that shipping expense can cause a problem.

May everyone have a wonderful day!

The Kidds
Baby-Bug Boutique

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