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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Worker Bees of Baby-Bug Boutique

Plenty of times we have been asked sewing what machine do you have? So I thought this next blog would be a a little about what machines I have and my thoughts about them.
I started out with a Shark and while it was great and it got me started and I did and can do a lot with it, after it broke down on me once and cost me half the price I bought it for to fix, I knew we were going to need to get something better. I still have my Shark and probably always will and pass it down to one of my girls when they are older. It is a great little machine, noisy, but worth every penny I paid for it (even the repair) and help me start this business from the very working of only make ribbon lovies and cushy tushy cases.

We bought a Singer Futura ce150 this past April ~ many of times we were asked if we could personalize or embroider and I hated saying "No," but we simply couldn't because I didn't have a way to do so except by hand. So a mutual decision was made to start looking into sewing/embroidery machines in case the Shark did die on me again I would have something to use until we could get it repaired, but also so I could embroider as well. I absolutely LOVE this machine and right now it is strictly used for embroidery so I can preserve the sewing part for when I actually need it. We hooked up an old laptop to it so the software can run on that (it isn't one with a computer in it ~ I was worried about losing the whole machine should the hard drive go in one like that). I love it, love it, love it! We couldn't have made a better choice in purchasing this machine. All I need to do now is purchase the AutoPunch Software and the Font Software and then we can embroider almost any picture and use any font in Microsoft Word ~ looks like Christmas time that will be my present!

Then in May the Shark started acting funky here and there and I was starting into piecec quilting and more delicate and specialty items that the Shark just couldn't keep up with or was really making life difficult for me to do. SO we started looking into sewing machines again and checking sale prices and things like that to "get the best deal" and the wonderful ladies at my local JoAnn's helped us pick out the Singer Confidence Quilter and it has made the world of difference in my quilts ~ it has a long quilting arm, so I don't have to fight with the fabric anymore to keep it in line. There are many decorative stitched I can use for edging and I can even applique with it, which is a joy in itself too because I have had to make my own appliques and then try to zig-zag stitch them, but this machine actually has a satin stitch foot, so makes my life incredibly easy to do those now.

I was also recently (2 weeks ago) given my mother's sewing machine which is well over 20 years old...actually trying to figure out how old it really is and find a manual for it. But it is a MOntgomery Ward UHT J 1934. It is being serviced right now to makes sure nothing is "wrong" with it and if there is to have it fixed. This will be the machine I teach my girls how to sew on and right now each of "the grandkids" will have a quilt made on this machine and then in a corner embroidered "In loving memory of Grandma Diana." My mother made all kinds of things for my sister and I and I am sure if she was still here today that she would be making things for her grandkids. However, since she is not I am going to make something on her machine for them in her honor and memory. But this machine will not be used for anything "business related."

I am very honored to have such quality equipment and in turn have been able to produce some great quality items! Thank you to my hubby who was the one to get me in gear for looking into better machines instead of "just making do."

The Kidds
Baby-Bug Boutique

P.S. my "dream" machine for later on ~ Singer Futura XL-400


  1. Jessica, I have the singer futura also and I LOVE it!!!! You will love all the things you can do once you get the extra software!!! You are no longer limited because someone makes a file that is not made for your particular machine! I can open all almost any design file! LOVE IT!!

  2. Just wanted to add...

    What an awesome thing to use your mom's sewing machine for!! What a great way to share your mom's memory!

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