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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Marriage You've Always Wanted

Friday night and yesterday morning was probably the longest Brian and I have spent together (about 3 hours each day) in the past month, if not more. He started working 7 days a week earlier in the month and was working 6 days a week for about 4 months before that. But even when we wanted to be "alone" we never could because of the three little ones always being around.

Anyway, this marriage seminar we went to titled "The Marriage You've Always Wanted" was hosted by the West End Assembly of God in Richmond, VA (onyl an hour from our house) and the speaker was none other than Dr. Gary Chapman himself. This seminar sold out within the first couple of weeks, if not sooner. And 1,300 people came together with one person ~ to save their marriage and strengthen the bond between husband and wife, parents and children.

Dr. Gary Chapman is a world famous author for his book titled "The Five Love Languages," which both my husband and I have read in addition to his book "Desperate Marriages." I will be very honest in saying, our marriage is not perfect, we've had a lot of issues to deal with and circumstance to attend to in the 5 years we have been married, but after this weekend...there is hope, we both have a renewed sense of courage and strength and the will to make sure we give our children the BEST example of what a marriage can and should be.

I was more than impressed not only with the content of the seminar, but how it was presented. There was a down-to-earth approach to explaining these topics so that even the most basic of person could understand how they can benefit from practicing the principles of loving your spouse the way God intended us to. Dr. Chapman was just an awesome speaker and even made it fun for us to be there too. We've listened to dozens of his podcasts and I read his articles online and, to meet him in person, and listen to him speak was just amazing in itself.

Everyone could benefit from a marriage seminar ~ even a basic one such as this where it is 7 hours total between the two days, the topics that concern and create conflict in most marriages and the best ways to handle those issues. All backed by years and years of research, case studies, just plain common sense and the words in the Bible. I gained new insight on so many areas and we can't wait to start reading and working through "The Marriage You've Always Wanted."

If you can't attend a seminar or conference I HIGHLY suggest picking up this book and sharing it with your spouse. Even if you think your marriage is "perfect/secure" it will definitely help develop a deeper closeness and oneness between you both. The seminar we went too, was the highlights of this book. So I really can't wait to get more in depth with it. I desire to be close to my husband and make the rest of our lives wonderful together! You can find this book almost anywhere, but here is a great place to start ~ 5 Love Languages.

May God Bless Each of You and Your Families!

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  1. I just read The Five Love Languages on the advice of a friend. What a great book! I also was really blessed by reading Created to be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl

  2. Hannah ~ if you like that one you should also read "The Five Languages of Apology," Brian and I are working on reading this now and I really think it is going to make a HUGE difference in our marriage and family.