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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boxes of Fun and Love ~ what box did your Baby-Bug Boutique items come in?

Let's all have a little fun ~ back on Earth Day we wrote a note on our FB page talking about how we recycle in our home and business and what we do to help our environment (included below) and we asked what our fans did to help the environment as well.

" Here in our home (and with Baby-Bug Boutique) we recycle all of our plastic, glass and aluminum cans. I also take all of our boxes from food items and use them to ship our products in. I recycle shipping boxes we receive either as paper or to ship with or storage even. We have reusable bags we use when buying items in stores, and I use the plastic bags we do have at yardsales to give people their items in or turn them into Walmart's recycling box. I also print on both sides of the computer paper when printing shipping labels from home and well all of our paper we recycle goes to my stepmom's work where they take paper and turn it into roofing material (we especially do this at birthdays and christmas time too). I reuse all of our giftbags at my craft shows that I can and we donate our gently used item to Salvation Army or our local trailer home mission project that our church is doing with the resource council, that we no longer have room for or don't need anymore. This year we plan on purchasing from our local farmer's market for fruits and vegetables. We get our eggs right now from a family at our church and take the egg cartons for them to have and reuse as well.
     Product wise we make reusbale snack bags, baby wipes and nursing pads (which I personally used when nursing our youngest child) and can also make cloth diapers. I use pesticide free batting in our quilts and nursing pads and use just about every scrap of material I can to make something out of so it doesn't go to waste."

Now the fun part ~ what box did your items from Baby-Bug Boutique arrive in?

Who knows maybe one lucky person will receive a $5.00 gift certificate just for posting!


  1. I've gotten quite a few packages from Baby Bug Boutique, but I think my last one was in a Cheezits box. The guy in line behind me at the Post Office thought it was hilarious. :)

  2. I got my last order in a Hamburger Helper box! Can't remember what the others came in, but they were amusing!

    Tricia McGuire

  3. Mine came in a stride rite shoe box. :-)

  4. My package was two pizza boxes. I got it and suddenly had a craving for pizza!

  5. Mine came in one of those gray bags LOL

  6. i got mine in a toaster strudel box, hubby laughed i think its genuis.