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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Late Night "Sew-Therapy"

For the past few weeks (minus the few days I was in New York visiting my grandmother with the kids), I have been up until 2-3am working on items, orders, prepping, answering e-mails and anything in between. This has become my usual "working" hours from about 8p until 2a or so.

I manage to actualyl get a great deal done during these hours (when I am not sitting here blogging), but it is definitely something that has taken a toll on me a little here and there. Luckily the kiddos will sleep until about 830a or sometimes even as late a 9am, this will be changing soon as well, since my oldest will start Pre-K this year and she will ride the bus to school. So I will have to make sure I get her up and on the bus each morning. I am very excited for her and I think she is more excited than anyone else.

But during these late nights I have been listening to Life FM and all their programs and music and let me tell you something...I have never been so in love with a radio station. Not only do they have some of the best Praise and Worship music, they have terrific podcasts and programs that are featured. When I was working and up at the crack of dawn, I'd listen to their early morning programs and I can remember several times crying going to work because I felt like the program was hand-selected by God for me to listen to that morning.

I often reflect late at night on the events of the day, the past week, where I want my life, my family, my business to go...what are God's plans for me and sometimes I don't have an answer for any of it and I really start feeling alone and let down over these thoughts and then my ears tune into the song playing on Life FM and I get a reminder that I am not alone...I may not know the answers, the reasons or the direction, but God has that steering wheel and He isn't letting go.

I love that the station is listener supported, no commercials and what breaks between the music is programs, scripture reading, podcasts or even news. One of my favorite things to listen too (and it is on right now) is Unschackled.

It has definitely been a life changing experience the past year listening to Life FM and I have gain new insights into my personal relationship with God, The Bible and the scriptures inside, even perspectives on how to raise my children, manage finances and how to help my family heal from the wounds we've inflicted upon each other. It is wonderful to have such a great radio station near us.

Thank you Life FM for all that you do! May God continue to bless the radio station, its staff and those whose lives you touch every day!

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