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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Charge It ~ Without Paypal

We recently signed up to use Square Up ~ they best part about it, we can now take your credit card purchases without having to use paypal.

We can actually process your card through the app on my Android phone. This is very exciting because not everyone like the whole "pay online" concept, but it also opens a new window of opportunity for us with our events and shows.

In the next few days we will receive a card reader that attaches to the phone so we can swipe your card right then and there too. I will be looking into purchasing an imprinter as well, just in case we don't have signal or can't access the internet at the place we are at, so we can still accept your credit card payments that way too.

For the time being though ~ we will only be accepting credit card payments for orders of $20.00 or more due to the fees associated with it. Otherwise we end up losing more money then what it is worth when it comes to the smaller items.  I hope everyone can understand the reasoning with that.

We look forward to this new endeavor and hope is opens lots of opportunities for as well!

The Kidds
Baby-Bug Boutique

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