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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Goodbye Paper ~ Hello Cloth

After hundreds of paper towels later, I finally thought that it would be a great idea to cut on the waste of trees by cutting out the amount of paper towels we used.

The first of these ventures, was using baby wipes and clorox wipes and such and yet that tended to cost us more money in the long run than the paper towels did...ofcourse this was also when cold and flu season hot too.

So we went back to paper towels and decided to go with the 100% recycled ones ~ Small Steps...these are great, but still using paper towels. LOVE that they are made from recycled materials though!

And while this concept isn't our original idea, it is new to Baby-Bug Boutique. So welcoming into our All things cloth line is un"paper" towels!

Our un"paper" towels are made from flannel and terry cloth, they are the same size as standard store bought paper towels. They are double-stitched to maintain integrity. They are able to me hand or machine washed and dried.

Snaps can be added so if one wanted to purchase multiples, they could and roll them together like a roll of paper towels.

We have made some to be used by others who were interested, to get un-biased opinions in testing out this new item.

Those who are testing, will respond to this blog with their feedback ~ we want to know how they withstand to anything you would use a paper towel for, as well as, how they withstand washing.

We look forward to many more product testing opportunities in the future as we introduce new products.

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Baby-Bug Boutique

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  1. These are amazing to keep in the car and diaper back not just for the house!! They soak up WAY more than a normal paper towel for spills! They are "rougher" on one side to help with scrubbing, but still have a softer side when needing to clean someone or something more fragile. They do not rip or tear like a paper towel. I LOVE these and can not wait to get more for my house. I love that I just throw them in the washer and they are ready to go! I have no complaints about these what so ever! Smartest green option for just about everything :)