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Saturday, February 4, 2012

All things cloth and eco-friendly...

I am always looking for new adventures in all aspects of life, however, most of the new adventures tend to revolve around sewing and Baby-Bug Boutique.

The past year, as I participated in several craft shows in a variety of areas across our state (Virginia), I realized one thing. There weren't many (if any) products directed towards parenting/children/housekeeping that were eco-friendly. There were so many wonderful items and the quality is fantastic, but when it came to protecting our enviroment or making parenting easier in some ways, these items were rare. Or if there was an item, there were several vendors carrying the same item.

So, as in my nature, I want everyone to do well at a craft show, we all have a God-given talent and each person should be able to display that talent without having to worry about the pricing or the competition. This year, I am working in some different items into our display, and ofcourse keeping the majority we already make as well. I want to give my local area and the areas we travel too something new to look at, and even if it isn't a new concept, it is something new to the craft shows in our area.

That being said ~ we are launching an all things cloth line of products. This includes our mama cloths, cloth diapers, reusable wipes, un"paper" towels, reusable snack bags, organic boo boo and hot/cold packs and reusable nursing pads.

Now yes, some of those items we have been making since last year, but we are going to increase the quantity and the exposure they get. We feel this will not only help cut down on the amount of trash it household produces (even if it is a small impact), but it will help with the family budget too.

We strive to maintain our principles that if we destroy the earth, there will be nothing left to pass down to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. My desire is to pass down an earth worth keeping for years to come.

The movie "Wall-E" was a movie that really put things into perspective for both Brian and myself on how people take care of the Earth today and what the future could potentially hold. I always wonder how I would answer the question "Grandma, what is a tree?"

Now while we do see a huge impact being made by our business alone, we hope to educate, to provide these types of products to those willing to change their current habits and start a healthier lifestyle for their budgets and the environment.

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  1. That's a great idea Jessie. The snack bags you made for Beth are really cool :-)